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2006 Revenue $ 1,416 million

2006 Profit $ 473 million

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The Water Corporation is the eminent body in water planning and supply in WA. Save millions of tonnes of CO2

From time to time water supply planning reports are commissioned by various WA Government agencies however these agencies rely heavily from information supplied by the Water Corporation. Given the influence of the Water Corporation in selecting consultants and employing water professionals, these reports closely mirror the Water Corporation's view. Despite successive Government's not always agreeing with the Water Corporation's view on things (ie the Kimberley Water Pipeline) the Water Corporation domination over information and expertise has ensured that its will has prevailed. Listed below are a few relevant claims.


'Resources within southern Western Australia are sufficient for supporting its foreseeable demand growth to near the middle of the next century and most likely beyond. This will be true even if climate change reduces these resources significantly'(Water for the 21st Century, WAWRC,Nov 1988,p 7)

Water Restrictions in Perth
2001 to 2007 and continuing

'Under almost all scenarios the South West supply option alone could provide all of Perth's long term excess demand needs' (p 8, op. cit.)

desalination plant built 2006

'Desalination provides a proven technology that is capable of supplying large volumes of water independent of climate. Within the context of a drying climate, the Corporation now considers desalination as the 'yardstick' against which other source options should be evaluated' IWSS Source development Plan 2005-2050

desalination plant only producing 55 % of claimed yield

Desalination cost $ 1.16 cubic metre   KEP

Actual  $ 2.66

Licencing of large bore water users is to cover costs

2006 Profit
$ 473 million

After the above, how do you feel about:

  • Over abstraction in the Groundwater/Jandakot mound threatening rare plant and animal species ?
  • Government calculations on the sustainable yield of the Yarragadee aquifer ?
  • Government water planning ?
  • Government plans to inject treated sewage into our drinking water supplies ?
  • Millions of taxpayer dollars spent over the last two decades building dams and a desalination plant for very little in yield?